Crypto phishing scams are becoming one of the most profitable methods for cybercriminals to steal your cryptocurrency.

Phishing for Crypto

Cybercrime exists because it’s profitable. You might think the efforts of malicious actors are petty or trivial when you delete obvious scam emails from your inbox, but every so often, one of them works — and it makes money for the bad guys.

Speaking of money, if you know enough to recognize a phishing scam email, you probably know what cryptocurrency is. Cybercrime has wasted no time hatching schemes to take advantage of the new crypto trading infrastructure through email phishing campaigns.

If you or anyone you know is trading cryptocurrency, you need to be aware of these scams.

1. MyEtherWallet

Similar to the way hackers attempt to compromise more traditional banks, crypto phishing attempts are often disguised as requests from valid banking operations for your personal login information. In the case of MyEtherWallet (MEW), the phishing email sent to users suggests that there’s been…

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