Cashback is a popular ecommerce system that administers rewards and rebates for shopping. Every time you shop online, and in some cases in-store, you’ll earn up to 1% of the transaction value back. Traditionally administered in cash or rewards points, certain cashback schemes now dispense rewards in the form of cryptocurrency – or “cryptoback.” These provide a passive way to stack sats while you shop.

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Earn Bitcoin for Buying Online With Stormshop

Stormshop is a mobile app integration from microtask and earning platform Stormx. It enables shoppers to receive crypto rewards for shopping online and is available in over 187 countries including the U.S. More than 400 merchants are onboard such as Samsung, Microsoft, Groupon, Macy’s, New Balance and Gamestop. The Stormshop plugin, available for web browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Brave, and now for iOS and Android on mobile, administers rewards known as Bolts.

5 Crypto Cashback Solutions That Award You Satoshis to Shop

Up to 40% is available in crypto cashback, paid in BTC, ETH, LTC,…

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