5 Bitcoin Price Predictions That Will Blow Your Mind

When it comes to accurately predicting the price of Bitcoin in the years to come, opinions are all over the place. Making any educated guesses is nigh impossible where this volatile market is concerned. Some experts have weighed in on this debate over the years, although it remains to be seen how these outlandish claims will materialize.

Tai Lopez Expects Millionaires to buy Bitcoin ($60,000)

Rather than just throwing some hopeful numbers and figures out there, Tai Lopez put together a solid argument as to why Bitcoin could hit $60,000 sooner or later. In his opinion, all it would take is all of the world’s millionaires to put 1% of their assets in Bitcoin. Although this seems like a more than achievable goal, one also has to keep in mind there is little to no chance all of the world’s millionaires will ever pay attention to Bitcoin.

At the same time,…

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