In a study by the news website Value Walk, it claimed that 46.7% of people prefer investing in Bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies. While the publication’s headline was a claim that 76% of the respondents “thought that [the] ‘crypto winter’ would end in 2019.”

The report by Value Walk was sparse on the details of who was interviewed and statistical techniques used. But nonetheless, the publication uncovered some interesting insights as to the general sentiment of cryptocurrencies in mainstream awareness.

Bitcoin is still the people’s favorite crypto

The first question respondents were asked was “which is your favorite coin?” And the publication tallied the following results:

  • Bitcoin: 46.7%
  • Ethereum: 31.4%
  • Ripple: 21%

Data for other coins was omitted in the report.


Binance the people’s favorite exchange

The second question in the study was “which is your preferred cryptocurrency exchange?” For this question, Binance unsurprisingly came out as the clear winner: with 71.3 percent people preferring it over…

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