461 Crypto Wallets Hold Over 40% of ETH, ADA, LTC, and USDT

When it comes to “whales”, the biggest boast is owning vast stashes of Bitcoin (BTC). But statistics show that other crypto coins may be more weighed down by wallets with a big concentration of wealth.

Whales May Affect Altcoins More than BTC
Counting crypto addresses that hold more than 1% of the coin’s supply, BTC is actually among the most democratic cryptocurrencies.

Talking about whales and ownership by concentration of an asset
Addresses with more than 1%:$BTC 39 addrss owns 11.1%$ETH 154 addrss owns 40% $BCH 105 addrss owns 28%$LTC 128 addrss owns 47%$BSV 104 addrss owns 25%$ADA 39 addrss owns 40%$Tether 140 addrss owns 58%
— intotheblock (@intotheblock) January 9, 2020

Altcoins, which have arrived with messages of a more democratic distribution, in fact, fail at the task. For some altcoins, “whales” easily reach…

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