Cryptocurrency markets and the industry are extremely competitive and many users believe a single digital asset will reign someday, and that it may not be BTC. Over the last few years, many holders believe the assets they hold are bitcoin contenders with coins like IOTA, EOS, ADA, XRP, and XLM being popular choices. However many of these cryptocurrencies see very little use and have seen their price values slashed enough to make any holder cringe.

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Four So-Called ‘Bitcoin Contenders’

Recently the entire digital currency market capitalization has gained billions of dollars and a great number of people believe an “altcoin season” could happen before the next great bull run. There are definitely people who believe certain coins are BTC contenders. But belief is one thing and numbers often tell a different story as certain digital asset hopefuls are barely being used or have zero products.

The ones that are being used are significantly centralized,…

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