3 Reasons Why Ripple XR

Ripple’s coin, XRP, is breaking out in February after months of low volatility. XRP has been viewed as a wild card for a breakout due anytime, and right now, the asset is back to double-digit daily gains.

For XRP, it is still early to predict whether this is a recovery to a relatively low range, or a drive toward price milestones. The asset is still depressed against Bitcoin (BTC), but broke above the 3,000 Satoshi tier, with significant room for recovery. So far, it has risen to $0.278, jumping by 11.78% in the past 24 hours.
But why is XRP reviving this February, after months of failing to budge despite positive news? Here are the top 3 factors pushing the coin to a higher valuation:
XRP Decoupling from BTC
This latest rally has happened while BTC prices stall around $9,000. With BTC still seeking a new direction, a few altcoins…

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