2019 was an interesting year for cryptocurrencies. Some would say it wasn’t as bad as the crypto winter in 2018 and others would note it wasn’t as great as bull run 2017. One thing’s for sure, ever since the all-time price highs, interest in cryptocurrencies has been waning. According to data from Google Trends and Yahoo Finance, searches for the terms “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” are much less than they were in the summer.

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Queries for ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Cryptocurrency’ Dive in 2019

During the bull market of 2017, interest in terms like “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” peaked as far as searches are concerned on the Google Trends scale. After December 17, the scale touched 100 for searches for the word “bitcoin” and hasn’t reached that number since. In fact, searches for the term are currently in line with the number of searches in the spring months of 2017.

2019 Google and Yahoo Searches for Bitcoin Decline Significantly

The week of May 7, 2017, Google Trends touched a 10 and today the scale is hovering at approximately nine….

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/2019-google-and-yahoo-searches-for-bitcoin-decline-significantly/