The private details of 15 million bank debit cards in Iran have been published on Telegram in the largest banking security incident in the country’s history. Iranian authorities so far try to blame the breach on common criminals but cyber security experts suspect it was the work of intelligence agencies from the U.S. or Israel.

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Millions of Iranians’ Cards Exposed on Telegram

As if people needed another reason to get away from the insecure current financial system, it appears that banks may now be on the front lines of a global conflict waged with cyber warfare where personal accounts are a legitimate target.

The details of 15 million debit cards in Iran have been exposed online in the largest financial security breach in the history of the country, according to local media reports. The exposed accounts belong to clients of the three largest Iranian banks, Mellat, Tejarat and Sarmayeh, and they represent almost 20% of the country’s entire…

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