Cryptocurrency is a form of currency, but instead of having a physical form, such as cash or a debit card, it exists as an internet-based medium and uses cryptographic functions to conduct a transaction. Bitcoin started the wave of cryptocurrency back in 2009. Since then, it has become an attractive investment for people around the world, with other cryptocurrencies coming in to play, such as Litecoin and Ethereum.

If you happen to have some cryptocurrency laying around in your digital wallet, you may be wondering what you can spend it on. Below, you’ll find a list of ten random items you didn’t know cryptocurrency could buy.

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1. Tickets to Professional Sporting Events

If the Sacramento Kings or Dallas Mavericks happen to be one of your favorite basketball teams, you’re in luck. These two professional NBA teams use BitPay to accept Bitcoin payments. Whether you’re looking for courtside seats or nosebleeds, rest assured knowing you can flaunt your wealth using cryptocurrency.

2. Jewelry

Not completely random, but worth noting, is…

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