If you are not ready to part with decentralized money, at a time when prices are relatively low, but need some fiat cash to cover costs in times of crisis, crypto-backed loans are a working solution. A number of platforms offer this type of service and their popularity is growing among cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are intent on hodling.

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Borrow Fiat Money With Crypto-Backed Loans

Various providers allow you to borrow against your crypto. Blockfi, a wealth management platform for crypto investors, extends loans in U.S. dollars backed by three cryptocurrencies, BTC, ETH and LTC. Use its calculator to enter an amount you’d like to get, minimum $5,000, and calculate the required collateral. To receive $10,000, for instance, you’ll have to deposit 3.53 BTC at the time of writing, based on a 50% loan to value ratio (LTV). To receive an individual offer, you must create a Blockfi account.

10 Loan Providers Taking Crypto as Collateral, If You Think the Time Is Right for Hodling

On the backdrop of the troubles facing the traditional…

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